My story

Greetings. My name is Jacob – but on the Internet mostly known as BlueBoden. I'm an entirely self-taught web-developer, who is currently finishing school, and i just got accepted into the higher preparatory examination (HF), with school-start in August. But I'm still working with development in my spare time :-D

I use this website as my work briefcase and blog, and simply to reserve the domain name "", since I've become rather attached to the name. The name doesn't mean anything, i made it up for a CMS system, i was working on, but never finished, and at some point i just started to use it as an alias everywhere. You will find a lot of mentions when Googling the name, but alot of those results is just plagiarism. Likely bots copying my old content from around the web.

From the briefcase

I have worked both with design and development, and i continiue to work with both, gradually improving my skills. This website is a good example of one of the better designs that I ve done..

I have these flashes of ideas, and quite often i will need to learn how to make them happen, before i get to play with them.

My most sucessful project to date is Brugbart – a site dedicated to mainly tutorials and references. Brugbart is powered the same CMS system as my blog, which is a system developed entirely by me from scratch. It toke me around 6 months to build – to the point where it was useful – including time spend learning new concepts, and I'm still working on it..!

While my own sites are powered by my own CMS, i also manage a drupal powered site, which has been quite educating for me. While i prefer using my own CMS, i really like how easy it is to install modules onto Drupal using drush.