My story

Greetings. My name is Jacob, but on the Internet I'm mostly known as BlueBoden. I'm a 28 years old self taught web-developer, who is currently finishing school, but still working with development in my spare time.

I use this website as my work briefcase and blog, and simply to reserve the domain name "", since I've become rather attached to the name. The name doesn't mean anything, i made it up for a CMS system i was working on, but never finished, and at some point i just started to use it as an alias everywhere. You will find a lot of mentions when Googling the name, but alot of those results is just plagiarism. Likely bots copying my old content from around the web.

Here you can get to know me better, both personally and profesionally.

From the briefcase

I have worked both with design and development, and i continiue to work with both, getting better at both. I have these flashes of ideas, and quite often i will need to learn how to make them happen, before i get to play with them.

My most sucessful project to date is Brugbart, a Tutorial and Reference site that i build from scratch. Its powered by an advanced CMS system, that i developed myself. It toke me around 6 months to make the new CMS system, including time spend learning new concepts.

My briefcase also includes smaller projects that i stopped working on, the design and sourcecode has been archived, in case i chose to reuse some of it at a later date.